How to Remove a battery from a 2006 Harley Davidson Sportster Roadster FLH 1200 motorcycle.

The first time my battery died on my Harley, it took me a little while to figure out how to remove it. I Googled it with no useful results so I thought that I would create a page to describe it in the hopes that it saves someone else some time and effort. I have had motorcycles for almost 20 years and never ran into a battery secured this way so I assume I cannot be the first guy puzzled by this.

  1. Remove the seat.
  2. Remove the cover from the left side of the bike. It unsnaps easily and exposes the battery.
  3. Disconnect the positive terminal of the battery which is now readily accessible with the left cover removed.

  4. Unclip the battery strap at the top of the battery.

  5. Remove the bolt that holds the strap.

  6. Slide the battery out so that you can access the negative terminal of the battery. You may need to move the wiring out of the way so you can remove the battery.

  7. Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery and the battery is removed.

  8. Installation is the reverse of removal.